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General liability insurance is very affordable through our independent insurance agency. We will deliver it fast and on budget. You want us to grab the bull by the horns and get it done for you, affordable, quality coverage and most of all hassle free. We make buying liability insurance so easy. Minnesota contractors and small businesses benefit by our experience and fast certificates. How much can you save? Provide some basic info and we will tell you. We work directly with the Department of Labor & Industries and provide them 100’s of general liability insurance certificates annually. Now offering quotes in 5 upper Midwest states: Minnesota, MN, Wisconsin, WI, Iowa, IA, North Dakota, ND and South Dakota, SD. We write roofers, drywall, masonry contractors, HVAC, janitorial, painting, plumbers, electricians, carpentry, handyman, snow plowing, landscaping, carpenters and many more. We also write subcontractors, home builders, general contractors & paper contractors. We provide hassle free and headache free contractors insurance quotes & low down payments. Use our simple one-page form below, it only takes a minute.

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